Airport Transportation in Calgary

When Calgarians need to get to and from Calgary International Airport safely, on time and in style, they call (403) 381-3222 and let California Dream Limousine take care of the rest. At California Dream Limousine, we know how stressful it can be to try and make a flight. We also know that you don’t want to wait forever for a cab to take you home after a long flight. That’s why we are proud to offer affordable and reliable shuttle services.

Operating a massive fleet of top-quality luxury vehicles that are meticulously maintained, our professional chauffeurs will make sure that you make it to the airport on time in any weather. Experience the most convenient and luxurious airport transportation in town when you call (403) 381-3222 to reserve your luxury limousine today.

Hassle-Free Airport Transportation

How many times have you found yourself scrambling around trying to find long-term parking at the airport only to find that it costs more than an arm and a leg upon your return? Or what about when you rely on a regular taxi service or ridesharing app to get you to your flight on time? All too often, this way of getting to the airport is right down to the wire and gets your trip off to the wrong foot.

Rather than subject yourself to all the stress of getting to the airport on time with these methods, there is a more comfortable and hassle-free option you should to consider. Reserve your airport transportation ahead of time with California Dream Limousine and you are guaranteed to get to Calgary International Airport at your desired time.

Our luxury airport shuttle service is available seven days a week, 365 days a year and is only operated by licensed, background-checked, experienced and courteous drivers. When you call us to make your reservation, just let us know when you would like to be picked up and where and one of our drivers will be there at the scheduled time to send you on your way.

Reliability is the cornerstone of our business. If our customers can’t count on us to get them to the airport on time, we have no business being in this business. If we are late, it’s not just your plans that are ruined, our reputation is ruined as well. Given how high the stakes are for both our business and our customers, we don’t dare risk it.

When you book with us, you’ll receive an immediate electronic confirmation and you’ll be able to enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, flight monitoring features and so much more!

Benefits of Professional Airport Transportation

Whether you’re traveling from Calgary International Airport (YYC) for a summer getaway in Las Vegas, Nevada or you’re looking to sneak a weekend on the slopes of Whistler, BC––professional airport transportation is the best start to your trip.

When your other options are rental cars, the generosity of a good friend, or a taxi service, we think the best choice is a no-brainer. We’re the chauffeurs, so we don’t need any convincing. You, on the other hand, might not be sold on airport transportation just yet.

Here are but a few of the reasons why airport transportation is the way to go. If you read this and aren’t convinced, give us a call and ask about our discounts and promotional packages.

Private Chauffeurs Are Excellent Navigators

It goes without saying that our drivers always follow the rules of the road. But are we always going to follow the hare-brained advice of faulty GPS systems and navigating devices? No way! That’s a surefire way to find yourself taking the wrong and inefficient route to the airport. As longtime residents of Calgary, we know the safest and fastest route from any person’s home to any of the city’s airports.

Professional Chauffeurs Put Safety First

We don’t take risks because we don’t have to. When we’re well ahead of schedule and able to navigate your commute with ease, there is no reason for us to drive beyond the speed limit, make hasty turns, or put anyone’s life on the line. Our drivers are trained, certified, and capable of handling any problem that might arise.

The Affordability of Airport Transportation

Affordable Fixed Rates: There are many myths about the affordability of airport transportation services in Calgary. People think they’re inaccessible to the average citizen, that they’re over-priced, and too classy for the average commuter. We’re here to dispel those myths. The truth is, booking our services is the most cost-effective option on the market.

Because of our fixed rate, there are no unexpected costs or unforeseen expenses. In the unlikely event that we need to take a detour due to a traffic jam or construction, you won’t have to worry about paying more money for your commute. What’s more, you won’t have to concern yourself with fuel costs, parking fare, or those pesky insurance costs.

Reliable and Professional Airport Transportation

With a taxi service or the popular Uber app, you never know what kind of driver is going to pick you up. They might arrive late, they might be impolite, or they might be reckless drivers. When you contract the services of a reputable limousine and transport company like ours, you can rest easy knowing our employees have been thoroughly vetted by our managerial team, trained, and are unfailingly hospitable to all clients.

Airport Arrival Transportation in Calgary

Did we mention we also provide airport pickup services as well? If you, a colleague, or an important client wants to avoid the stress of exiting the airport, contact us. We’ll be at the arrival gate waiting to drive them to the destination of their choosing.

Special Rates for Frequent Travellers

If you are a frequent business traveler, California Dream Limousine can gladly be your airport transportation provider. We are proud to offer special rates and packages for people that will be using our airport transportation services, so call us today to inquire about our convenient monthly billing and meet and greet services.

A reliable airport transportation service is something that corporations especially should have on their budget for the year. A private car service will ensure that your traveling team members can get to all their appointments on time and even get some work done while they’re en route. Best of all, if you’re flying in a client or future partner, California Dream Limousine will be ready and waiting with a sign for their arrival making airport transfers simple and stress-free.

Don’t make your staff or clients fend for themselves. Provide them with the luxury airport limo service they deserve and send them off or welcome them to your offices in style!

Corporate Airport Transportation Transfers

Are you flying in a potential partner to discuss a deal or hire? Or, maybe an important client is coming to your offices to discuss their account. No matter what the case, California Dream Limousine has a great deal of experience working with corporate clients.

While individual car services are important and require a commitment to timeliness and professionalism, corporate transfers take that to the next level. Our safe, skilled, and licensed drivers understand that when you’re traveling for business the last thing you want is for anything to go wrong. And, where transportation is concerned, it can go very wrong!

From missed clients to a lack of knowledge about local roads to avoid tough traffic spots, the nightmares one can imagine when simply getting to and from the airport via airport limo are numerous. Luckily with California Dream Limousine, the distance between the Calgary International Airport and your client’s hotel will seem like a short one.

Convention Airport Pickup Services

Most industries out there have conventions. They’re large, they’re great for networking and having fun. Attendees work hard and play harder. And, many of them have traveled a long way to get to this big event. When they touch down, they’re not going to want to hail a cab or wait on an uber, they’re going to prefer an airport limo service.

Amongst all these attendees, convention runners have to pay close attention to the schedule of their VIP or celebrity guests. Speakers and actors attend a variety of conventions and at California Dream Limousine we’ve driven a wide variety of noteworthy clients! We understand how important is for them to get from point A to point B without any issue.

Operating respectfully and making our passenger’s privacy a priority at all times, as a show runner setting up airport transportation services, you won’t have to worry about what’s happening to your guests between the Calgary International Airport and your venue.

Reliable Service and High Standards

When you get into the back of a vehicle, how much thought do you give to who is behind the wheel? Though ridesharing apps have ratings and reviews and cab drivers have plenty of qualifications they need to meet to make sure that their drivers are reliable and trustworthy people, is this really enough? At California Dream Limousine, we understand that our personalized chauffeur and shuttle services need to be a cut above any other type of airport transportation. And we believe that excellence service begins with hiring the right people.

As a result, we are very picky about the people we hire to be your driver. California Dream Limousine’s drivers are more than just chauffeurs, they are the ambassadors of our brand. And since we can’t take any chances with our brand being misrepresented, we take every precaution necessary to make sure that our customers are receiving quality, reliable service. All of the drivers on staff have been carefully screened and received special instructions on how to treat clients with maximum courteous. They have also received extensive safety training to make sure the chances of accidents happening are slim to none. Combining peace of mind with a touch of class is how California Dream Limousine has become the first choice for airport transportation in Calgary for the last several years.

Beyond our commitment to excellent customer service by providing our carefully screened drivers with more training than the competition would think they need, there is no other airport transportation company in the Calgary area with a commitment to safety like California Dream Limousine. As we have already mentioned, all of our drivers receive extra safety training, but our commitment goes beyond that. One of the best ways to guarantee the safety of our passengers when they are on their way to or from the airport is to take all the necessary precautions maintenance-wise.

All of the vehicles in our fleet are meticulously maintained to make sure that there are no mechanical errors that prevent you from getting to the gate on time or home after a long journey. When you hail a car from your ridesharing app or a cab, when do you think the last time this vehicle received the maintenance it needs to operate at peak efficiency? Well, there is no real way of knowing, unfortunately. Luckily, if you want to be assured that you are in the best care, then you need to call (403) 381-3222 the next time you need to get to or from Calgary International Airport.

Our high standards for our employees and the airport transportation services we provide is a big reason why Calgarians and people passing through continue to trust our fleet to get them to where they need to go, whether they are alone or in a group. We can accommodate virtually any passenger’s needs, just pick up the phone and give us a call today to find out more about what California Dream Limousine can do for you.

For the Individual or the Team

At California Dream Limousine we serve a variety of clients all over Calgary. From quick trips to the airport for individuals to family reunions and large corporate conventions we’ve done it all! In our decade of service one of the best methods we’ve found for keeping everyone at their happiest and most comfortable is providing a wide range of vehicles to better serve you or you and your group!

  • For 1-4 passengers: The classic Lincoln L Series
  • For 6 passengers: The 2016 Navigator Executive L
  • For 8 passengers: The 2013 Lincoln MKT
  • For 10-20 passengers: The E-450 Black or White Limo Bus
  • For 12 passengers: The Excursion SUV Limo, 2009 Black Expedition, or 2007 Expedition
  • For 16-18 passengers: The H2 Hummer White Carbon edition or 2013 Hummer H2 180 Carbon
  • For 16-20 passengers: The 2013 Hummer H2 Fusion
  • For 18-20 passengers: The 2011 E-450 Limo Bus
  • For 20 passengers: The 650 Mammoth
  • For 20-28 passengers: The Dream Machine 2006 Freightliner
  • For 24-26 passengers: Black F-550 Limo Bus or 2018 Ford F-550
  • For 20-30 passengers: The 2009 F-650 Tiffany Coach, 2009 F-650 Limo Coach, 2009 F-650 Knight Rider, 2013 Silver Streak, or Freightshaker
  • For 50 passengers: The Dream 50

Airport transportation services have never been so varied or exciting! Every one of our vehicles are fully equipped for airport transfers with the latest technology to ensure that you, your loved ones, or your clients have a safe and smooth ride. Our licensed drivers have years of experience operating private car services and perform their job with the utmost in respect and professionalism.

Your airport limo services should live up to all of your expectations. At California Dream Limousine, or goal is to exceed those expectations every time.

Contact Us Today

Opening its doors in 2007, California Dream Limousine has over a decade of experience transporting a wide range of clients to and from the airport. From large corporate groups to individuals heading out on holiday, we treat every one of our clients with respect, professionalism, and a good helping of friendliness.

Just tell us what your needs are and we’re happy to follow through on all of them. Champagne in the back seat? Park and wait services? Meeting your relative or business associate in the airport? We believe in going the extra mile and our regulars can attest to that!

For the most stylish, comfortable and hassle-free airport transportation in Calgary, call (403) 381-3222 to speak to California Dream Limousine, the top-rated, reliable chauffeurs.